SEUL Player House free for booking on Assembly week

Julkaistu ke 14. tammikuuta 2015
Takaisin uutisarkistoon

Pelaajatalo on erikseen varattavissa Assembly-viikolle (26.1.-1.2.). Pelaajataloa voivat varata nyt myös ulkomaalaiset joukkueet, joten Assembly-sesonkia koskeva uutinen julkaistaan poikkeuksellisesti englanniksi.

Because of the high amount of requests, SEUL has reserved the Player House to be separately rented for a professional eSports team for the Assembly week or weekend. The apartment will be offered for both Finnish and Non-Finnish professional teams for training and bootcamping.

As stated above, the period of 26th January to 1st of February is still free for booking. You can make an inquiry via email at SEUL will make a final decision on the 21th of January and will immediately inform all the teams that have requested the booking.

The Player House is a project in which the Finnish eSports Federation maintains a flat primarily to promote and develop competitive gaming. The federation offers training conditions that are suitable for all competitive players, whether they are at a professional or an amateur level as well as a support network, that provides the teams and players a chance to up their gaming to next level.

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